Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So...do you feel any older?

Birthdays are a strange thing.
As little girls we revel in the thoughts of those pointy hats and when we get to blow those candles out and see the princess on our cake. We also used to remind everyone that our birthday was x amount of days away...ok confession time: I did that last year too. But you get where I'm going with this, birthdays used to be different when we were younger. Heck after 21, you might as well for get it till 25, then maybe 40, oh and 50 is a big one. And then once your 70 you can do what ever you really want.
Not to mention that after princess birthdays with crowns and jewels, you get this for your birthday:

(ok not that I'm complaining because this is a wonderful perk to being an 'adult')

But those in between years I've heard are pretty the birthdays that you just get to wake up and say 'hey today is my birthday'.
22 is that weird year...and I am just lucky enough to have come upon this super age!

I think honestly for the first time I can answer 'yes' to the age old question 'do you feel any older?'. It's possibly because I made such a small deal about my birthday (which is not normal for me). Or it could be because for the first time in my life I feel like an adult. I'm sure it has everything in the world to do with the fact that I'm about to be a wife, which means everything my parents used to do for me, I get to do on my own. Getting married makes you mature.

This isn't to say that my day Monday wasn't absolutely fabulous, because it was (thanks to awesome friends and family). But it did get me thinking about how fast life goes by.
I saw a friend out that night that I hadn't really seen since my last birthday...a whole 365 days ago.
Life goes by quicker than we could ever imagine, and it's gone in the blink of an eye.

So celebrate everyday like it's your birthday. Maybe we shouldn't wear party hats out everyday, but we should most definitely marvel in our own beauty. And maybe a cake a day wont be the best idea for our behinds, but I hear wine is good for your health.

Here's to 365 days of celebrating being a young and beautiful woman.

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