Thursday, June 20, 2013

meet my baby.

it's been almost a month since we got the newest member of our family, and i think it's about time you all get to know him.

like all the dogs we've ever had, duke is a rescue. and i can not beg people enough to rescue dogs instead of getting them anywhere else. duke was abandoned and was found around 3 months weighing only 35 pounds.

this was duke when he was first found:

he couldn't even stand up straight. 

a friend of mine got him from the shelter and "fostered" him until we moved into our house. she took amazing care of duke and we could not have gotten him from a better family. 

in less than a year, with a lot of love (and more dog food), here's duke now:

{he's a model} 
he's a great dane-lab mix and all love.
he's about a year old, and still has every ounce of puppy in him.
he weighs in at 100 pounds!

he eats like a horse. and in fact has gone through a giant bag of dog food in just three short weeks! {insert that smiley face with wide eyes here}

he had absolutely no problem at all fitting in around here, and making himself right at home. he has the best personality and sometimes we have conversations.

{we get each other}

here's what you need to know about duke: 

he has no idea how much he weighs. none at all. and in fact thinks he's a lap dog. 
but, he is a total snuggle bug and i don't mind a bit. 

he sleeps a lot. 

he can open up doors. 

and takes full advantage of his size when we're at the table eating dinner. 

he likes to watch the dog whisperer on tv. 

he loves playing out in the yard. 

and he loves to lick mommy's lens when she takes pictures of him.

he's very smart, and may attend college one day. 

although, first he should figure out how to get out of the shower. 

and he likes to play drums with daddy on the counter. 

he's my favorite and i love him. 

and please please please, if you're thinking about getting a dog, go rescue one!


Miss Riss said...

OH EM GEE. I'm in love!!! Duke is SO cute!!!!!! And so big!!! I love it!!!!

Angela said...

Wow! He is big! What a special guy. :)

katie_shannon said...

So sweet, reminds me of my lab. She was rescued and we got her from the lady who rescued her.

ashley said...

I cannot say how much I loved this post! So glad you rescued this handsome pooch.

Erika Spitler said...

I'm so happy you captured all these little moments. It makes for the very best picture story. See you later today!!!

Jessica @ Wonder Whats Next said...

Oh my goodness! I love, love, love this! I wish I could foster dogs, but that doesn't fit into my lifestyle right now. So so good for y'all that you rescued him and I'm glad he's much healthier! What a beautiful animal!

kristyn said...

oh my goodness he is the dearest thing! i've been loving all of your instagrams of him :) dogs have such a special place in my heart. i'm so glad someone saved and fostered him back to health!

Annie said...

Duke is huge! hahaha, isn't it always the big dogs who are always like, "i'm tiny! hold me?"

those pictures of him with glasses on and in the shower are great. ha!

Chelsea said...

puppy love <3

Kiki said...

Oh my goodness, Duke has grown! :) I love that he likes to lick your lens--that photo is SO cute, by the way!--I think it shows how much he supports his mom's love for photography!

And I completely agree, rescuing + shelter dogs are the way to go. :)

Lauren said...

gahhh! i love him!!!!

aimymichelle said...

awww hes so cute! good for you rescuing him!

Ashley R said...

What a precious pup! Our doggie Zora is a rescue too.. it is the only way to go. What a cutie!

Meghan said...

SOOOOO cute! I can't wait til I move out on my own, so I'm able to rescue pups! & my 65 pound Weim thinks he's a lap dog as well! I don't mind it one bit though :)

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