Monday, June 24, 2013

here's to a new week

here's to a new week. 

a fresh seven days.
a new seven days to make the most out of. 

seven days to feel grace. and show it. 
seven days to be humble and show humility. 

i'm not sure if my days have been as intentional as i could have hoped. 
this whole idea of living intentionally, which i've already written on, is really blaring in my mind lately. 

am i living intentionally?
as much as i could be?
as much as i should be?

my gut answer. 

i'm only human. 

i could keep using the same excuse that we moved {which, seriously is draining}. or i could just say, "it's been a month and i've run out of excuses".

live intentionally. 

make things happen. 

be a go getter. 

chase after His plan. 

here's to a whole new week. one i could become really proud of. 

happy monday friends. 


Erika Spitler said...

I'm lovin' this, Megan! Last night before going to bed, I decided some things that I wanted to be really intentional with on my Monday. I didn't touch my phone until 5pm today, got SO much done, and just took life slowly but joyfully. It really makes a difference to be intentional. Such a discipline. At times, it even reaaalllyyy takes me dying to my flesh. But man, what a change it makes.

Angela said...

Happy Monday girl! Thanks for the inspiration, it's a new week!

Bailey Jean said...

Here's to a new week. So simple, so true. I love that we're offered a fresh start every morning, every week. God's so gracious like that. Gorgeous blog, deary. :)

Julie said...

I SO needed to hear this today. What a reminder! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

kristyn said...

the beginning of this post has been stuck in my head all week--in a good way! :) i love looking at each week as a fresh start, a chance for new; for more love, more kindness, more intention. thanks for such an awesome reminder :)


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