Wednesday, April 24, 2013

pinning on wednesday.

there just needs to be more posts where we get to look at things we've pinned.

happy wednesday love bugs.

be inspired.

  Words of encouragement / Marilyn MonroeParima Studio


Carrie @ 20-Something Homemaker said...

Good gracious. I teared up and got chills just quickly skimming over these. Then I went through and slowly read them again.

Now I want print outs for my walls (that I don't actually have yet...)

Please post things like this every week. This is something that's totally relevant and needed! So encouraging!

Mattie said...

Your blog is too pretty!
Pinterest is so great, love it. My only problem is that I seem to spend more time there, than doing revision. Oh, internet, how you tempt me!

kristyn said...

love these! especially the last one. it's important to remember those simple things :) happy wednesday!

grace & love,

Jessica Lynn Martin said...

Love your blog and your faith in Christ! I am excited to follow all of your blogging adventures! I am new to the blogging scene, follow me at :) xo-Jess

Angela said...

"so much to smile about." Isn't that the truth?! Thanks for the reminder today. :)

LeeLee said...

Great pins. The last one is my favorite.

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