Sunday, September 23, 2012

happy fall!

a time for pumpkin spiced lattes, brown boots, scarfs, apples and carmel, too cute for words clothes, happy people, a cool down, and finally, this year, a trip to philadelphia for me!

i am so excited about fall.

i'm usually a huge summer girl, i live in florida for crying out loud, but this year, i've been eager for the cooler weather to hang out here in the south.

and when i say cooler weather i mean in the 70's. because that's cool here.

i keep telling people that i feel like we're going to have a cold winter, which means a cool fall. this is my own hypothesis and i have nothing to bases it on except for the fact, that i feel like i don't sweat as much walking to class right now.

weather man, i will not be.

i'm also going to philly in two short weeks to visit my best friend! i can't explain how excited i am because i haven't seen her in a year and a half. and we've NEVER gone that long with out seeing each other. turns out i'm going for "restaurant week". bliss.

i have been so busy lately (have you noticed my absence?) with school work, and two weddings! so i need a vacation like you wouldn't believe!

i think i may have a catch up day today...who knows. one can only hope. i also changed the look around here. i'm so ocd. i love it though, seriously i do. do you?

happy fall from the south!

all my love, 


Pretty lady said...

I'm glad you're back!

Katie Cook said...

yeah! my best friend live in Philly too, and I had the BEST time out there visiting her. What a neat city! Hope things are great for you girl, love Katie

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