Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LA in pictures.

the last two weeks of my life have been nuts.

i got back from LA and four days later took a road trip with my bestie over to tampa to see luke bryan and jason aldean (cuties!) with my sisters. came home with this weird rash/itchy bumps only on my arms, went to the doctor yesterday and he told me on top of the rash/itchy bumps i have strep throat.

all my running around has caught up with me.

my butt has been planted on my couch for the last two days (except for 4 hours of work today...btw, being a grown up sucks).

my brain is mush still.

but i have so much going on!

this saturday i am shooting my first wedding! could you pray for me? i am so beyond nervous i can't even begin to explain it to you all. God is giving me an AMaZINg opportunity and i don't want to mess it up.

anyways, i wanted to show you all some pictures from my trip to LA.
i didn't take my camera on a lot of sites because i was nervous (that's my baby yo). plus a lot of the sites (like skid row) we weren't allowed to take pictures.

santa monica was beautiful!

this was in the projects (in Compton...did i spell that right?)
we did a kids church. and let me tell you that your heart just melts the moment you 
step out of your car. 

this little boy was too cute. 

these kids we played with while their parents waited in line for food.

hollywood ;)

sidewalk testimonies...what would yours say? 

so one day a couple girls and i got lost and the Lord placed a bakery in our path. 

LA :)

we got to go to a dodgers game!

i love baseball so much.

and they won!

most of the pictures i was able to take were of all the sight-seeing we got to do. if you follow along on my instagram, i've got more there (search: meganwestmoreland). or come find me on facebook!

i'm off to the couch. being sick is a no fun situation!

blessings to you all!

oh. and side note, i changed my blog name? it was the url and how i signed all my post so i figured why the heck not.
also the blog is getting a super slow make over.

all my love, 


THE COOK'S said...

wow. what an awesome trip! love the post. :)

Courtney B said...

What an AWESOME trip!! LOVE the pictures! But I hope you get feeling better asap!! So sorry it all caught up to you and you got sick :(

Gennean said...

Love love love the pictures! So glad that it was such a great trip for you, and I cannot wait to hear more!

Ameera said...

What great pictures! I'm so glad that God opened the door for you to go to LA :)

Katie Cook said...

Loved reading about your time in LA sweet girl:) Wish we could have met up, but so so glad you were able to love on these sweet and precious ones:) Excited to hear more about the journey ahead! much love, Katie

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