Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a book and a conference

so i'm sitting on my sister bed with my computer on my lap getting that feeling in the pit of my stomach.
(i'm on my sisters bed and not my own because i will be watching my niece for the next five days...a post on how i'm not ready to be a mom can be found tuesday)

it's that feeling i get sometimes when i ask God a question.
and He's telling me yes.

let's back up a little. 

so i'm reading a very dear and sweet friends post about how amazing our God is, and this story about how another very dear and sweet friend is helping her (well God is having her help her...really though when you're done here go read her post), get to the influence conference.

the influence conference.

there it was again.

if you haven't heard about it yet, it's going to be an amazing weekend in october that if you aren't there, when everyone else blogs about it you're going to get that "crap i really wish i would have gone" feeling inside.

i've spoken to both of those beautiful ladies before and we've all mentioned how much we want to go. mostly because we're so aware that God would do some huge things in our lives, but also because we'd actually like to hug each other in real life. not that we've hugged on blogs...this is weird now.

anyways...i put it on the back burner because when i looked at the ticket price ($250 cause i'm always late) and the cost of a plane ticket (anywhere from $300-$400 depending on if price goes up) i pretty much shut the idea of going out.

i was perusing the site when i saw that emily p freeman was going to be one of the guest speakers.
so then i clicked her link and it went to her page.

the third post down let me know that God was, yet again, setting this all up for me. 

i've been feeling like lately i'm missing something.
i'm reading my bible and going to church. singing songs and feeling His presence.
but there's still this little bit of me yearning for more (which i think we always have but that's for another post).
maybe it's community? but community with just women.

so i'm on her blog, marveling at her amazing writing when i come to the post about how she's going to be holding a small group type of deal every week for the next eight weeks. and then i scroll down to see the hundred plus comments from women who are all signed up to be a part of this.

um hello. megan. this is God speaking. get this book and read it. 
also, I'll make a way for the conference. 

ok, maybe that's not exactly what He's saying. but that's what i'm getting.

sometimes it takes me a little while to put all the puzzle pieces together. but not this time.

i'm a huge fan of God, and an even bigger fan when He does awesome things like this.
sure, life is really busy but this is the something i think i've been wanting and needing.

i can't say for sure that i'm going to be able to go to this conference, but i can tell you that i've been doing some math in my journal and figuring what i need to save. so i'm going to do everything in my power to make this happen. because i know God will do a massive work in my life that weekend.

are any of you planning on going??

i am going to be in prayer about this for the next eighteen weeks. cause that's how far away it is...i told you i was doing the math and counting weeks and making dollar signs by big numbers.

most importantly though, i'm praying that i'll start to open up to the Mighty God i serve so He can do a work in my life before i even go.

happy halfway through the week day!
all my love, 


Erin said...

Okay this is amazing :) And your heart is just beautiful. I am praying along with you....and I, too, feel that longing for a community of women. Girl, I am praying the Lord opens the door for you to go! He can do anything, and how kind of Him to speak to you this week through so many different things about this conference.

Love you so much!

Mila said...

grteat post! do you have a paypal set up for this?

emily freeman said...

i love this post for so many reasons ;)

Stephanie H. said...

I'm going!!! I get so excited every time I see another fellow blogger going. I definitely hope to meet you there! :)

Tiffany said...

I'll be praying for you Megan! It's so beautiful to see your heart and to hear about what God is doing in your life. I'm bummed that I can't go to the conference but I can't wait to read all about it.

Annie said...


i have been waiting to read this post forever & i was hoping that's what you would say!

don't get your plane ticket into indy. get it into chicago! that's where erin and chelsea are flying into, because it's like $200 cheaper. i'm picking them up from the airport and we're roadtripping from there to indy! you should join us. plus you'll save money. win-win!

i'm super excited you're joining in on reading grace for the good girl. & i love that Emily commented on this!

Brittany said...

I'm feeling the same way! And all this talk about Influence...AHHH I want to go too!!! :)

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