Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the dream center

matthew 28:16
therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. and surely, I am with you always.

i am so excited and beyond blessed to share with you the opportunity that the Lord is giving me this summer. july 30th through august 5th i'll be out in los angeles volunteering with an incredible group of youth and adults from my church at the dream center.

the dream center is a volunteer driven organization, centered around Jesus.
the center offers a variety of services for free to the community that is in desperate need. they offer residential rehabilitation programs for teens and adults, they offer shelters for victims of human trafficking and the homeless, they provide a mobile medical bus that offers free health care to the community and they also have a foster care program.

this is matthew barnett, the founder of the dream center.

without a doubt, God has big things in store for the team and i. 

i can't seem to stop thanking Him enough for this kind of opportunity, and have felt matthew 16 weighing on my heart heavily lately. 
Jesus has called us all to go. 

the decision to listen is up to us. 

if we do, there's a whole world out there that will be changed in His name. 

and if we don't...the consequences could be terrible. 

i'm answering His call for this trip. 
and it's a big deal. 

missions trips, no matter where they are too (over seas or in your own home town) are a big deal. leaving behind all that makes you comfortable for a certain amount of time to go preach the gospel and share God's love is really important. 
because if we don't...who will?

so here's where i need you all. 

first, and the very most important thing: i need you all to be praying for my team and i. adults and teens alike. i'm asking that you pray for our trip and that we'll have safe travels. i ask that you pray for the Holy Spirit to move through us so we can move mountains in His name! i'm asking that you pray God will use each and everyone of us to further His kingdom here on earth. please pray that God will give each of us a sense of confidence and the strength we need for the week. and finally, i ask that you pray that in everything we do, He will be glorified. 

i can not stress enough how important your prayers are to me. 

second, i'm asking that you prayerfully consider financially supporting me on this trip. 
the cost is $850.
if you feel that the Lord is leading you to donate (any amount will bless my trip), please click on the "donate" button to the right. 
you can also send a check to the coastline community church with my name in the memo. 

if you have any questions about donations please feel free to email me: meganw122@yahoo.com, or facebook message me.

i am praying that God will use me during those seven days like He has never used me before. my heart is so open to what ever His will is for my life, and i'm so blessed to have this opportunity. 

i once had a conversation with an unbeliever about missions trips and he mentioned that of all the things that went along with christianity, missions trips is what he disliked the most. 
i asked him why of course. 
and he answered by telling me it was because he felt like it was just a week where christians went out and tried to change peoples minds into believing about Jesus so they'd go to heaven. 

i reminded him that it isn't supposed to just be one week out of a Christ followers life that they "go out", and we certainly aren't trying to change anyone's mind.

we're out to change the lives of people. so they can know and understand the love of a Savior. 

i thank you already for your prayers and support. 

all my love, 


Annie said...

you're being matthew 5:16 by obeying this call to go.

so proud of you, Meg. you know i'm praying!

Valerie Griffin said...

How amazing! I'll be praying!

Becky Roode said...

This is super exciting! I'll be adding you and the group you'll be traveling and serving with my prayer list today! Yea!! :)

Valerie said...

I have a friend who just finished an 8 month internship there and she loved it!

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