Monday, April 30, 2012

jason aldean

i'm obsessed with jason aldean.
and skyler laine.

incase you didn't know: i love country music. 

for some reason it reminds me of summer.

either way, it's wonderful.

currently though i roll with the top down and blare this song. the video is sad! which i had no idea.
but i just love country music and there patriotism, and love, and kids, and tight jeans, and cowboy boots, and're still reading... ;)

happy monday! i'm super procrastinating finishing my final essay for the semester!

and here's this cutie:

all my love, 


Rachel said...

I saw Jason Aldean two summers ago at an outdoor country music festival. I was so close to him! (9 rows back) He is such an AMAZING performer. Definitely one of my fave Country musicians :) And I feel your pain with the paper. I am such a slow paper writer! Praying for you sweet friend! :)

Valerie Griffin said...

I'm not a big Skylar fan, but I love love LOVE Jason Aldean! He is one of my favorites!

Brittany said...

Saw Jason Aldean a few summers ago-SOOOO awesome!!! Love him!!

His Little Lady said...

you are so right, country music does remind me of summer time. in love! and great song choices!
xo TJ

Erin said...

okay we were MEANT to be friends. cause girl, i love these artists too and i can't get enough of this song :)

ps - loved your email. reply comin' soon :)

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