Friday, March 2, 2012

my first engagement shoot!

so if there's one thing i've learned over the's that when i try and do 50 things at once, nothing turns out the way i want it too. is anyone else like that?

i get these big huge plans in my head and just go for it but God steps in and gives me the "hang on just a sec, I've got something else in mind right now".

a couple of months ago i dove head first into this photography. making websites, thinking about buisness cards. all in a weekend.

and then i heard crickets.

at first i got super discouraged. i kept thinking crap now what? this is what i love to do.

God made it super clear that i needed to slow down a bit. i really needed to get to know my camera and surroundings before i went head first.

so i'm in the learning process. and couldn't be more happier.

i like to call it my "building a portfolio" stage.

wednesday a very sweet friend of mine asked me to do her engagment shoot. we had been trying to plan this for months but it just never worked out. trying to get three people off work the same day is insane.

girls i came home, and still am in the best mood.
have you ever just had that moment where it's like a light bulb goes off, like "this is what i'm supposed to be doing!"

no, i'm not the best yet, but hopefully i will be someday. i have a lot to learn, but right now it's still the puppy love stage.

here's a couple from the shoot!

{some serious bling}
{the train pulled into town just as we started!}


and that's just a few! to see the rest go "like" my facebook page...please (shameless plug).

happy friday! any big plans for the weekend? i have an essay to finish and then sunday starts my spring break!!

all my love,


Valerie Griffin said...

great job!

Faith said...

You did a nice job, Meg! I'm sure that your business will grow!

Mary said...

Great job, Meg!!! I am so excited for you and can't wait to see your little business grow!!! LOVE YOU!

♥ CheChe said...

how exciting!!!!!!
I have no idea how to use a camera so I commend you for the talent and going for it girl. Keep at it :).


Lauren Thompson said...

Im pretty sure you are already aware but these pics came out wonderful! Excited for you girl!

Erin said...

These engagement shots are so amazing, you have a really incredible eye, seriously!! :)

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