Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mission: Beautiful


do you know that?

i mean, really truly know that you are beautiful?

after all the make up is off. and when you're in your sweats before bed. and you've had a long day. 

you're beautiful.

i don't think that women today have any idea what true beauty looks like anymore. we're bombarded daily with what's "in" and what "looks best". magazines tell us what color our hair should be, how white our teeth should be, what shoes to wear. 

but where are the ads that just tell me i'm beautiful without all the stuff?

where are the ads that give women confidence to know their true beauty?

i think the problem is that society doesn't really explain where all the beauty comes from, and no i'm not talking about sephora here. 
i'm talking about the One who created the beauty that we all have. 

oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out;
you formed me in my mother's womb. 
i thank you, high God-you're breathtaking!
body and soul, i am marvelously made!
i worship in adoration-what a creation!
you know me inside and out, 
you know every bone in my body; 
you know exactly how i was made, bit by bit,
how i was sculpted from nothing into something.
-psalm 139:14 (MSG)

i have a two year old niece. sometimes i can't even imagine the kind of demands from society about her looks, that she'll get growing up. and one day my own babies. 

do we all know that we were sculpted from nothing into something? something so beautiful. 

no. because most days when we just want to wear jeans and a tshirt we feel like it's not pretty enough. 

so i've decided to start a mission. let's call it Mission Beautiful
as women of Christ we have to start countering what the world is telling us is beautiful and describing what really is beautiful. 

the things on the inside are what make us beautiful, not the outside. 

true beauty comes from knowing where it came from to begin with. 

one week from today i'll be hosting a Mission Beautiful link up 
and i'd really love it if you'd join me. 

it's simple. 

that day, on your own blog, you can vlog or just write a blog about what true beauty means to you and then head back over here to link up! make the vlog anywhere between 5-8 minutes. and the post as long as you'd like. 

pretty simple right?

i am praying that God uses this opportunity to move mountains with us girls. 

hope that you'll all join me next week in sharing what true beauty is and i'm so excited!

all my love, 


♥ CheChe said...

how precious! i love how empowering this all was and is and will be :)!! your heart is amazing God is definitely working in you darling.


Tara said...

This is an awesome post! I soo agree with you and look forward to joining you in this! Many blessings to you! :)

Cara said...

Oh my gosh, I'm SO excited about this, Meg. SO EXCITED. I love this idea. Wow. Impressed and so proud of you.

Gennean said...

I'm in!!!

Sydney said...

this. is. amazing. i'm soooo in, i LOVE you and all of your amazing ideas, girl!!

Lauren Thompson said...

Fun. You have wonderful ideas pretty lady. thanks for sharing all of your wonderful God-thoughts with the rest of the world so we can enjoy them too!!! :) You are awesome!

Erin said...

this is beautiful, precious and amazing!! just love your heart, my friend :) such a reminder i needed to hear tonight.

Isabella Kiss said...

this is some good stuff. it is really important to step back from all the things society tells us we must do/wear/become/look like in order to be beautiful and remember that we were born beautiful and created from beauty. None of that stuff is necessary. We were made in the image of God. Important to remember.

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