Friday, March 9, 2012

kony, america and your vote.

if you've been on facebook, twitter, or any social media outlet the last couple of days you've heard of Kony 2012.
a powerful movement that is sweeping the nation.

for someone 8 thousand miles away from america.

and it's really important...we as americans have all the power we need to truly change the world. we have resources other parts of the world don't have, or don't want to use to help.

but here's the pickle i'm in...why are we so worried about someone so far away when we've got murder and destruction going on here?

if there's one thing i'm too silent on (which doesn't happen often) it's abortion.

and to be honest, i think a lot of people are. it's that topic no one likes to talk about because they're so passionate about it. which may sound odd.
but they're afraid they may step on someones toes on the way to their opinion.

like it or not, abortion is killing a baby.

at six weeks old a baby has eyes. and it's fingers are starting to form. and it's heart is beating. six weeks.

currently, our president supports the ability to have a late term abortion.
that's a baby at twenty weeks (roughly).
here's what a baby looks like at twenty weeks. pretty grown don't you think?

each year there are 1.3 million abortions. give or take. 
1.3 million babies each year are being killed. 

and 83% of those abortions are coming from unwed women.

there's no judgement about having sex before marriage, no one is perfect, certainly not me. but here's the thing...if you're ready to have sex, you should be ready to have a baby. sounds crazy i know.

as a wife there is nothing more out of life i want than to be a mother (when the time is right). i can't wait to carry the little one in my belly for nine months and then spend the rest of my life with he or she. i can't wait for their first smile, and first words. and i can't wait to see my husband holding our little ball of joy.

but what would have happened if i did become pregnant, and just because we couldn't afford the baby...i aborted it?

human life is the most important thing.
so why do so many people in america think it's ok to just take it away because they made a mistake.

innocence is a strong word.
i think most would agree that a child in a woman's womb is innocent.

it's not their fault a woman didn't use protection.
and it's most certainly not their fault that a woman was raped.

and because who knows...the next albert einstein could be in that womb...and we'll never know because a woman decided they weren't important.

i spent the day with this little booger yesterday.

i don't think i can even think about what life would be like if my sister had decided that reagan was going to be "too expensive". 

the following video is tough at some points to get through, so this is your viewer warning. it's also long. so please set aside the time to watch it. i found it this morning on this beautiful girls blog.

and yes. raising awareness for a man in uganda is important. but what if we fixed all the wrong in america before we took care of the rest of the world?

all my love,


Laney Ellen said...

:) You are amazing megan. so blessed by you. I am so glad the video impacted you!

sydney said...

that video is pretty amazing...i watched it a few months ago. i totally agree with you. and i have one word to say: adoption! why be selfish and deny a baby life when there is a mom out there who can't have children and would just LOVE to take that baby in? love you!

TefMarie said...

Abortion breaks out my heart, and sometimes it's just simply an answer to someone's hope of not having to own up to responsibilities for their own actions. I think about my nephew and couldn't imagine if he wasn't here. Thanks for speaking up.

Annie said...

first of all, i love your courage in speaking out. abortion is such a controversial issue, but it's such an important one. There's a cluster of verses in Deuteronomy somewhere and God says about three times in a row, "I set before you life and death; choose life!" {annie standard version ;] }. & i think choosing life is not just about ourselves, but about others... choosing to be life to them, act life toward them, and respond to their actions with life-infusing ones.

"but what if we fixed all the wrong in america before we took care of the rest of the world?" <--- i think that sums up my entire perspective on american foreign policy.

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