Wednesday, January 18, 2012

number 15.

i love football. everything about it.
except the players at some points.

there's just one thing i don't understand about professional sports could you EVER complain about your job?
you're getting paid far more in a year than the average person will make in their life. and you get to PLAY SPORTS FOR A LIVING. um hello?

and of course as a football fan how could i not at least dedicate one blog to good old tim tebow?!

{he will forever be a bronco to me. i will remove the place he played for college from my brain}

here's the deal about tebow: he's a total cheese ball. 

and that's why we love him.

sure i hate the denver broncos because i'm a cleveland browns fan and there was that game called: the drive. 
but i love tim tebow.

my biggest reason? 
because he's not like the rest. 

he's different.

his cheese ballness means that he was raised right, has a mother who most likely will still yell at him if he sends out a nasty tweet to a fellow player. it means he's got something else in his life that is far more important than playing the game of football.

do not be conformed to this world,
 but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. 
romans 12:2

i'm not sure if you caught it...but when the broncos played the steelers (and beat them, hallelujah!) tim tebow through for a season high of 316 yards.

he also set the nfl completion record with 31.6 yards.

oh and the ratings peaked at 31.6 millions viewers.

and let's not leave out tebows favorite bible verse to wear on those eyes of his:

for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that who ever beleived in Him shall never die but have eternal life. 
john 3:16

as Christ followers we of course just look at those stats and smile. because we know why those numbers showed up.

thousands of news articles that went out the next day, all using phrases like: "Tebow racks up some miraculous stats" and "Tebows big numbers".
do they all realize what's going on here?

being a professional football player is tebows opportunity to spread the gospel, and i think he's doing a really amazing job thus far.
he's using his talents to show the world that it's ok to follow Jesus.

he's just that guy that everyone loves to hate.

the media has done a wonderful job of making everyone drop what they're doing and turn their eyes to tebow.
which is a good thing.
even the bad ones.

because whether those writers like it or not, and whether they are lifting tim tebow up or not...some where in that article is the mention of God or Jesus. and that is what's moving mountains in the kingdom right now.

my mom had mentioned the other day that she and a co-worker were talking about tebow, and he started off by saying: i'm not a christian...but tebow is one guy i want my kid to keep watching play.

and that my friends is what it's all about.

tebow is you realize that?

i'd assume the majority of you reading this are like me...we have a job, it pays the bill, but it's a 'worldly job'. we're in resturants where the un-named go on, we sit in cubicles surrounded by people who loath the day they wake up.
so are we striving everyday, no matter what to share a little of the gospel, or take the time to kneel and pray? 

are we using our job (or time at school) to be a platform like tebow?

i was joking with my dad the other day, that he's getting made fun of on snl...which means he has to be doing something right. 

tebow is just the start. could you imagine if every christian in the media every time a mic got in front of their faces said things like: well we lost today and that's ok because God is still with us. 

or if we, the average joe serving coffee weren't ashamed to talk about God to co-workers. 

so tim tebow, i hate where you played in college (because i'm a sore loser) and i hate where you play now (same reason), but i love what you're doing....and thank you for beating the pittsburgh steelers!!!

i'm praying that God will give us the courage like tebow. 

now, i'm not recommending you get down in the middle of your office daily and 'tebow'...but let's start by just talking about God more out loud. 

happy wednesday!

all my love, 


Meghan said...

This is such a great post! God definitely had a part in Tebow's stats against the Steelers!! I don't care what team he plays for, I'm a tebow fan...for life!

The Sauls said...

Ah, I'm a die hard Florida Gator fan, born and raised in Gainesville, FL! :) So, I obviously love Tebow and even more so now that he has all this media hype around him and he stays with what he knows is right.

The Presutti's said...

I am so a Tim Tebow fan. My family actually know him very well. Maybe I'll get to meet him one day :)

Erin said...
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Erin said...

as you can see, i went back tonite to read some of your older posts i missed ;) you are so right - we should all step up and be bold about our faith like tebow is, such an amazing testimony, what a good example! girll do i love this post...(also because i just wanna marry a guy like him! ha)

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