Monday, January 2, 2012

my 2012 word.

i've never done the 'word of the year' thing before. i bet it's because sub consciously i knew i'd just let it go before the end of january. because, as stated before, i'm terrible at keeping up with things.

but this year i'm praying will be so very different.

so my word:


definition: feeling or expressing jubilation 
after having won a victory or mastered a difficulty.

it came to me while making the hubby breakfast new years day. out of no where just popped into my head. and being the kind of girl who believes with all her heart that God tells us things daily in ways we won't ever be able to figure out, knew that one word popping into my head is important. 

when i ring in 2013 i want to be able to say i did it. i want to look at my list of 'to dos' and know that i tried my hardest to check them all off. 
i did everything i wanted to and everything God allowed me to do. 

because that's whats most important: everything God allows me to do. 
i think a lot of times i forget that this little life of mine is a gift from God that He's given me for free. but what i do with it, is my gift back to Him. 

i want to triumph over this year.

i want to be able to cheers at the end for a year i took full advantage of. not a year that i just let slip by. because although this past year was beyond amazing (i got married) i want this year to be even better. a year more about getting up and going instead of just waiting for it to happen. because yes...sometimes God wants us to get up and move to His plan. 
this year i wont let being shy hold me back, or the thought of looking like a nerd in the process, or worrying about the fact that someone might be out there who can do it better than me. 

i can do it. 
life is a difficulty, but with God i can master it. no where in the bible does it say this is supposed to be easy. no where. 

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so here i come 2012. you had better get ready because i am going to kick your butt. everything i set my mind on, i'm going to triumph over. i will rejoice when i can cross something off my list, but only if i praised God in the making. 

do you have a word for 2012?

all my love, 


Anonymous said...

Triumphant is a great word! and you're right, making sure to rejoice when you succeed, especially in Him, will be the best feeling!

megs [at] Shine On

Annie said...

love it!

i feel like this ties in really well with my word from last year, fearless. i know triumphant is completely different, but a lot of what you say ties into what i wanted to do when i thought of being fearless.

this gives me an idea regarding that ministry i emailed you about earlier. which means... i will be shooting you an email in a few minutes!

Danielle and Trev said...

SUCH a great post! Love it. Your blog is adorable by the way!! New reader :)

Katie said...

What a great idea, and what a great word you picked! I think I have to say that my word would be "intentions." Even though 2011 was a great year for me (I got a new job and also got married!), I want to live with more intention of making my own happiness.

Happy new year!!

Nicole said...

love that word! my words for this year are encourage and dream. you can read about them here.


Mrs. Robinson said...

That's a great word! :) Good luck!

I'm a new follower & I found your button on Brown Town. I love, loved reading about y'alls love story and precious!

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