Sunday, November 27, 2011

my own christmas tree.

like tradition, i watched elf tonight to officially kick of the christmas season.

it's strange this year though, although i'm over the moon excited about having my own christmas tree and starting new traditions with the hubs...there were some tears shed decorating my tree.

because that small reminder that i'm growing up just keeps sneaking up on me.

this time of year is bitter sweet for me.

it's my favorite because of all the obvious reasons.
but it's also a reminder that my grandpa is no longer with us. and girls, if there was one man that loved christmas it was him. he was a family man. nothing was more important to him than us. he'd sit at the head of the table for christmas eve, talking about anything from the war to how we were doing in school. he'd wait patiently as we kids opened our presents because he knew he always went last. his christmas list was short: love, flashlights, anything home made, books, anything to do with american history, and us.

{my hero}

if there's one thing i write over and over again on this blog, it's that growing up is really hard to do.
beyond hard to do.

there are somethings that you just don't ever want to stop doing. like getting to see the whole family {extended too!} gathered around an amazing dinner on christmas eve. like running down the hall way, pushing siblings out of the way to see what santa brought you. and like wearing matching outfits with your siblings for the holidays.

{ok maybe we dont miss that...}

{my most favorite christmas present ever: ruby red shoes like dorthy}

but growing up does mean you get to decorate your own house. and {eventually}see your own kids running down the hall to their presents from santa. it means that you get to learn all the decorating tips from your mom and try really hard to make your house look as beautiful as yours. it means that maybe those dinners will be cooked at your house.
growing up brings new traditions. but not too many during christmas...because most of those are too good to change.

here are just a few of the decorations i have up, thus far. mostly my tree.

happy christmas season.


Christina said...

ok, you just made me get teary eyed. I miss my Popaw so much and this Christmas is going to be super hard, but decorating does make it better.

a girl with a smile said...

this is so precious

TefMarie said...

Love that tree. I am praying for you...because growing up IS hard to do like you said.

Your grandfather looked pretty precious. I'm glad you had such a great grandfather to remember.

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