Thursday, November 17, 2011

growing up

so it's inevitable that things change when you grow up.

instead of being pushed down on the play ground, you get a mean text.
instead of the boy who has a crush on you hitting you, he might ask you out on a date.
instead of jumping in the puddles in your rain boots, you avoid the puddles because you've got new high heels on.

change and i have a love hate relationship. there have been some major changes in my life (like getting married) that i love and would never take back. but then there's the changes like, me and my little sister not living together anymore which i hate. the change that doesn't allow us to ride to school anymore with the windows rolled down blaring taylor swift.

but this past weekend, for two days, it's like we went back in time.

{first thing we did: shop. which is where we found this giant Christmas tree}

i packed my car and headed on over to tampa early saturday morning. i don't think i can even begin to try and explain to you how excited i was to be going over there to see her.

i'm praying that you have a sister if you're reading this. i'm overly blessed to have two. which means between the three of us, there are 6 amazing relationships that go on. my sisters are my best friends. melinda lives a couple hours away so i don't get to see her as often. but when i do, it's like we still live in the same house. somethings will never change and for that i am forever grateful.

we headed off shopping when i got there, because what else do two 20 something year old females do better?

i mentioned before that i was super excited to see melinda...but there was someone else we were both over the moon excited about seeing...

we've been waiting for this 5 years. so you can imagine how excited we were to see her.

see the thing about taylor swift is that she's that girl everyone wants to be best friends with {if you hate taylor swift, or are a male i'd stop reading here}. tswift is that music that got you through that really terrible breakup. it's the music that made you cry you were so sad things ended, but if you switched to the very next song would make you smile so hard because you hear lyrics about that "stupid old pickup truck he never let you drive" {he was a red neck anyways ;)}.

it's that music that you listen to when you get home from that very first date and you're feeling "fearless".

it's the music that you can {one day} listen to and not help but cry when she sings "he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said marry me" because that actually happened to you.

so we dressed up, got in the car, blared the music, rollwed down the windows and headed off to see taylor swift.

{i think it's a sister thing}

{can you tell we're related?}

{opera glasses}

and so...when she popped out of the ground we screamed like 12 year olds and wouldn't let each others arms go. we screamed out the words with her, danced along, and had the time of our lives.

{can you tell we had a great time?}

no, we didn't have great seats. but we were there and that's all that really matters to us. it was amazing. we saw taylor swift.

more importantly, i got to share something really special with my little sister.

{i'm sorry for my lack of posts lately! this week has been super crazy. but i'm back and getting things back to normal}

all my love,


Mary said...

I think you need to take out the "stop reading if you're a male" part. Jed loves T-Swift almost more than I do. (I found a Taylor Swift shirt of his in his closet when we first started dating. I think that was the moment I fell in love)

Anonymous said...

How exciting! :) And ... just an FYI ... we will be taking a family trip to Florida within the next few months (Tampa Bay area) and it'd be nice if we could meet in real life! Juss sayin :b

Anonymous said...

LOVE Taylor Swift! So glad you and your sister had such a great time :)

a girl with a smile said...

That's great that you got to see your sister...and Taytay Swift!

Jen said...

I feel the same way about Taylor Swift! Through my breakup right now she's all I've been listening to! I feel okay when I hear her sing that she's been through heartbreak too. And hers are the only cd's I don't get sick of. You are very lucky that you went and saw her :) oh and I love my little sister too!

Christina said...

I went last night, in the nosebleed section, and it was AWESOME!!

Sydney said...

you should be proud... i do hate Taylor Swift, but I kept reading all the way through! you 2 are so cute. :)

Melinda said...


The Presutti's said...

OK girl, seriously love your blog! I found you over guest posting for Ashley! I live in FL too on the beach and I'm dying to know if we live close. I am your newest follower and I can't wait to get to know you!!!

Katie said...

Wow, I just found your blog and I absolutely love it! I also adore Taylor Swift and was so bummed to miss her when she came through Chicago this summer. It sounds like it was amazing, and what a wonderful time to share with your sister.

I just started following and can't wait to read more! xo

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

OMG! How exciting! I hope I get the chance to go to a Taylor Swift concert. I don't have a sister, but I do have a brother who is my best friend in the whole world. I miss him lots, but whenever he is in town it's as if he never left home. =) it's amazing the kind of bond that siblings have, that bond is something that just grows over time. =)

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