Friday, October 21, 2011

day 21 {attitude}

Ephesians 4:23
Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.
lets play the honesty game, ready?
I have a terrible temper.
I get really frustrated at things.
I’m a yeller.
if it’s not out loud, I can think some pretty mean things.
I tend to stay mad at people for stupid reasons.
I’m a brat.
and finally, I have a really crappy attitude sometimes.

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anyone else like that?
I know I’m not perfect, and God is doing a lot of work in my right now, but I’m still human. and even though that’s really no good excuse,  I’m going to use it right now because I just can’t help it.
I’ve always struggled with when to get upset, and when to walk away.
because remember, at one point Jesus also got pretty mad (remember the whole table turning thing in matthew 21?) but He got mad at something pretty legit. He had found people turning the temple into the local mall. taking the house of worship and making it the center site for the city, not keeping it Holy.
I get mad because I’m scheduled when I go to school and then I have to give it away and then I’m left with no money.
you can go ahead and put that under the “greedy” and “selfish” categorizes.
it’s really hard to not get mad at things…or here’s my big one: people.
but if we really do believe in Christ, and we really have taken the Salvation that He’s given us, then all the bad thoughts and crappy attitudes should be gone. because Jesus lives in us. and He had plenty of things to get mad at while here on earth but He didn’t.
it’s a struggle that’s for sure. but, I/we can do this. we just have to remember that Jesus is right there with us when we gte upset or that something doesn’t go our way.
challenge: be honest with yourself and see what’s going on with those emotions and thoughts. give them to Jesus and He’ll help you file them away. no one knows forgiveness like He does. so let’s try and do His kind of forgiveness and not ours.
Father we thank You for all the forgiveness You’ve given us and God I pray that we learn how to give it away to others. God we know it’s hard, but we know that with You all things are possible.

PS. God is giving me the opportunity to start an online bible study! if you’re interested please feel free to email me!
PPS. I won an award!! the sweet Ashley gave me the Liebster Blog award! I’ll be doing mine once the 31 days is done. so stay tuned!
Ashley thank you so much for this great award! it’s a blessing knowing you sweet friend! please go check out her blog here!

happy friday!

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Annie said...

i think i'm going to write this verse out and tape it around my apartment and in my car. this is definitely something i need to work on!

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