Thursday, July 14, 2011

new design!

hi sweet friends!

I'm so excited to get this new blog design finally live! adorable isn't it?!

I decided I want to start getting my blog designed by a 'professional' a little while ago...and I had so many wonderful girls to choose from! SO! I've also decided that I'll be hitting all you up just about every 6 months for a new one...or so. I think it's such a gift what you girls can do, plus I think it's so important that we Christian women support each other! I have met so many sweet girls through this blog that do designs, and I want you all to do one for me!

first up is miss annie. she's a beautiful young girl living in Michigan. and isn't she talented? it was a breeze to work with her and anything I needed she accommodated well with.

go check out her amazing blogs:

off to the beach with the peanut and big sis!

love you all!


annie said...

oh i love it! annie did a fabulous job. and i agree with christian girls supporting each other; we've got to stick together! :)

Annie said...

aw, thank you, Meg! i'm thrilled to see it up!

Jhen.Stark said...

Love it. It's so classic and radiant! Great job Annie!

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