Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a couple thoughts

hi sweet friends!

can I just start off my saying that I've missed you these last couple of weeks!?

and with that, I'll tell you that I have had a crazy busy non stop two weeks. friends visiting, then back to work, then friends birthdays, and family time...who has two thumbs and is exhausted: this girl.

I think by saturday night I'll be all done...until monday anyways.

with all this activity so much has been on my mind.

what you ask?

well first off, I've started the Bible in 90 Days challenge! I'm really excited to do this...mostly because I've never read the whole bible. yes, there are parts of the bible I know like the back of my hand, but an even bigger yes is that there are parts that I don't have any idea about. I'm really looking forward to the challenge, and being able to give God a high five in 90 days and kick Satans butt...because girl friends he is looming around me right now, and Gods Word is helping me beat him!

second, I feel like God is creating something in me about helping young girls realize how beautiful they are...maybe some kind of beauty campaign. I realized today at work (a co worker told me I had beautiful eyes...the eyes that I always refer to as 'poop brown') that we don't compliment each other enough because whether we like to admit it or not, we don't want to do it back. or maybe we don't believe the compliment. either way: girl you're beautiful!

third, I'm thinking about making one of those chain links out of paper to count down the days until school starts! call me a geek, but I'm serious! I'm craving the knowledge...plus I can't wait to see how Sonny does when I come home complaining about a professor :) oh married life. are any of you still in school, and taking classes this fall? which ones? me you ask:
creative writing for english majors.
american lit 1.
theories and techniques of literature study.
christian thought.
philosophy of religion.

here's to a full load of school work!!

dinner is done ladies...yes he cooks...so I'm off. I hope you've been well! I'd love it if you left me a comment on how you've been!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had an awesome few weeks! {As you know} I'm reading the Bible in 90 days too, and it's amazing. I feel like I want to read a bunch of days at once because I am just craving His Word these days!

A beauty campaign sounds awesome, girl! You are always such an encouraging/inspiring person, and you are so beautiful too!

Lastly... I so envy your excitement. I start school 4 weeks from tomorrow, and I'm literally dreading it. (I count down when school is ending, not beginning!) I really don't hate school all that much, but going back is just hard. I'm a little excited, I'll admit, but I'm still needing some serious encouragement about school. :)

Blessings girlfriend, I <3 you!!

Sarah said...

I know what you mean about knowing some parts of the Bible like the back of your hand, but other parts not at all! I've been slowly making my way through the parts I don't know for about the last two years!

Good luck for college. I'm in the last semester of my degree. Your classes sound really interesting. I'm taking Survey Methods for the Social Sciences, The Anthropology of Food and Eating and Anthropological Research: Ethnography. Just a bit different! hehe

Christina said...

oh I do not miss the schoolwork. Now I am just craving and praying for a job. Brandon did pretty well with my complaining about professors, even though I am sure it was super annoying :)

Annie said...

i'm in my last year of school starting this fall, praise be, and i'll be taking these classes: michigan history, early modern europe, history of the english language, the orient & mediterranean, and my senior english capstone. i'm pretty sure i'm going to love the fall semester.

i'm assuming you're majoring in english? are you minoring in anything? and how soon will you be finished?

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