Tuesday, June 21, 2011

first day of summer

happy first day of summer!

since I live in florida, it's difficult to distinguish this day any different from the last 90 days. we have summer all year round. how do you people live anywhere else? :)

I was thinking the other day that I have been doing a really slack job on my "22 things to do" list. I mean really slack girls. like, I don't think I've even started. so with that being said, I've decided to make a list of 10 things to get done this summer.

my summer to do list.
1) go here:
harry potter world.
2) read 8 books.
    I'm already down 2 so I think that's a good start.
3) work out at least 3 times a week. 
    I just bought Body by Bethanny. she's crazy and it's just yoga but it's kicking my butt.
4) drink so much more water.
     I've started to believe that diet pepsi is just as good as water. it's bad.
5) take a trip over to tampa for the weekend to hang out with Melinda.
     those mini vacas that just do a world of difference.
6) bake this with Josie:

happy forth of july!
7) create an actual office and guest room.
    it's so bad that I wont even post pictures of those rooms right now, in fear that you'll think I'm a pack rat. which I am. and Sonny's been so great with me. but I have got to get those rooms together!
8) only watch 30 min of tv during the day.
    seriously. night time is different, but when the sun is out I feel guilty sitting on my butt inside!
9) worry NO MORE about money.
    because the beach if free.
10) limit eating out to 3 days a week.
     we eat out way to much. plus summer means grills and corn on the cob!

so there it is. not anything to tough. I may be cheating a bit because: I'll be at harry potter world in a little less than two weeks! because: my best friend in the whole world is coming.

do you have any to dos for this summer? I'd love to hear them!

off to soak up that free sunshine!


DaisyGirl said...

I'm sure your extra rooms look GREAT compared to ours. It's a nightmare!!

Enjoy that sun!

Jennifer Rod said...

im with you on reading a lot this summer. im actually catching up on books i had started an abandoned. i dont know how, but i am capable of reading like 5 books at a time. anyway, im hoping to read through most of those books this summer. 1 down. :)

Christina said...

I need to take on some of these tasks too, especially worrying less about money, eating out less, and reading more. I just did a post about my workout activities because I am trying to get better about that over the summer too! Good luck with your list!

Annie said...

how do we live anywhere else? haha. there are times when i ask my parents why we live in michigan instead of honduras! my dad is from mi and when he and my mom moved from honduras this is where they came. and i guess after living here so long, i'm used to winter, as much as i hate the cold!

also, you best post pictures of your trip to harry potter world! i don't know if i'm quite so diehard a fan to ever go there myself, but i read all the books and loved them, and i've seen the first six movies and liked them too. i'm hoping to see the last installment in theaters - all the rest {except for the second} i rented on dvd like a year or more after they came out.

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