Tuesday, May 31, 2011

catch up time

Happy Memorial Day! Such a beautiful day to celebrate all those amazing men and women in uniform: thank you for all you do!

Let me catch you up on my week:
Wednesday I came home from work...with a 101 fever, the chills, and a sore throat.
I went to be praying I'd be better for the weekend.
Thursday I woke up, still at 101, and went to the doctor. Who thought I had strep, test was negative, so I pleaded for him to give me the strongest drug he had.
Friday all better!! It's amazing what some antibiotics and sleep can do.

Saturday morning we took off for Tampa to enjoy family and baseball! Two things my family does best.
On the way we made a pit stop in Orlando to get my dress for my best friends wedding in October! We've been besties since we were 2! I'm so excited for her, and it's getting so close!

So off to the Indians/Rays game we went!

(her first Tribe game, so excited!)

(he's converting :])


(this is my most favorite aunt)

bush gardens!

he was sunning himself :)

All in all, I had a wonderful weekend! So blessed.

I just finished Heaven is for Real...I can't even begin to try and put all my thoughts together about it yet because it was so good. In short: it's about a little boy who dies and goes to heaven and comes back to tell about it. I cried, laughed, and had to put it down at times to take it all in. I'm working on a blog about it so stay tuned :)

Hoping your week is starting off well!



Anonymous said...

Hey Meg!

So sorry you were sick, but glad you got all better quickly! Sounds like you had a lot of fun this weekend! Oh my goodness, I LOVE Heaven Is For Real. Isn't that book amazing? My sister and I were just talking about it the other day. It's so thought provoking! :)

Kelly said...

Babies and baseball: things I love :)

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