Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm convinced that this whole surgery thing, is way worse for the 'significant other' than it is for the person actually getting it.
It. Was. Torcher. watching him go through so much pain.
And sleeping on a chair that I'm pretty sure is made of rocks.

But all went well and he's home munching on some Cheetos!
Thank you all for your prayers!

Here we are! 
Day 1:
What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is confidence. I find nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confident in herself. I'm not just talking looks here, I'm talking about her whole life, in school, work, and yes her clothing. A woman who no matter her age or size can confidently say 'yes I am beautiful'.
It's a confidence that radiates, but isn't over done. Is she the one in the room that always makes heads turn, nope! She's the one who can carry a conversation with anyone, who smiles no matter what, and truly cares about others. She always brings people up and never makes them feel bad that they might not be as pretty as she is.

I like to think that I'm mostly confident. Are there day's I huff and puff when I'm trying to get my hair in a simple pony tale, yep. But are there other days when I'm simply in shorts and a t-shirt that I still love the way I look, yes. It is so difficult in today's society to be confident in the way we look, too much pressure!
I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little down sometimes when I see 'that girl' walk bye, but for the most part: I love me. All my quarks and weird things about me (like a webbed's not that bad!) and the things that make me beautiful, like my personality or my uneven hips.
I'm beautiful inside and out. (most days :])

what does beauty mean to you?

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Sydney said...

Megan... Oh my Goodness! Are you a mind reader or something? This is exactly how I would define beauty, only I'm sure I couldn't word it as nicely. Bringing people UP ... is what it's all about!

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