Friday, August 24, 2012


random right?

no advance warning. just doing it.

as mentioned before, things have been nutso in my life. BUT. i am so happy to report that God is doing some HUGE and AMAZING things in my life.

so! a couple months ago i won my dear friend annie's giveaway, which included a copy of grace for the good girl

but i already had it.
so when i got my signed copy in the mail (can we just pause and mention that i jumped around like a 5 year old when i got it, because i think it's so cool emily p. freeman took a second to sign a book for me), i realized that i must give my other copy away!

i also need some help.
i think this whole photography thing is something i'm supposed to do.

so here's how to win!

please go "like" Megan Elizabeth Photography on facebook. 
and leave a comment here saying you did. 

i'll pick a winner exactly one week from today. august 31.

if you have the book already, maybe you can give your's away in a giveaway if you win! what if we just kept passing this book cool!

alright, well good luck ladies!

happy friday!

all my love,


Christie said...

I "liked"! Great idea! And, I don't have a copy yet, so I'll be keeping mine if I win ;)


We'll be having a giveaway on Monday! :)

Amy said...

I liked the FB page. Love the photo you took of the engagement ring. How pretty.

L said...

I like the fb page =)
Thanks for hosting!
Much Love,

Mila said...

I liked your page =) Thank you for doing a giveaway =)
xoxo Mila

Anonymous said...

I liked your page! :) This book looks so intriguing!

Gina Alyse said...

I liked your page! This looks like a wonderful book! I love the cover :)

xo, gina

joycapulet said...

I liked the page! Can't wait to see updates in my newsfeed :)

Annie said...

okay, how cool is:
a) that your book was SIGNED?! i had no idea Emily would sign it for you!
b) that you are passing your book along? love that! love YOU!

ps. have you gotten all the giveaway prizes? i sure hope so! i know you haven't gotten the prints from bethany and that is all MY fault because i never mailed them out and now all my stuff is disorganized from moving. I WILL get myself back together soon and i WILL send you those prints and i will also send you both a letter and a thank you postcard from spain soon! i'm so sorry it's taken so long! :[

pps. skype date soon please?!

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